All Things Spring

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Body

Each year millions of people spring clean their homes. They go through their belongings and purge what is no longer needed. Have you thought about using these spring cleaning tips for your body? Detoxing your body can give you a new lease on life which you may desire at the beginning of spring. Continue reading

Spring Break Travel Ideas for Families

One place you probably don’t want to be during spring break is anywhere near Florida! That may be the place for college students, but it’s probably not the destination you would choose if you have a family. Instead of choosing traditional places, try one of these spring break travel ideas for families.

If you’d still like to go to the beach for spring break, remember there are more beaches than merely those in Florida. Ask a travel agent if they can suggest less crowded beaches that would be appropriate for families. You may be surprised at the number of lesser-known beaches your family can enjoy.

One beach you might want to visit is Galveston, Texas. You also may want to consider any beach north of Virginia Beach as college students prefer to congregate in specific areas. It’s not necessary to travel to an ocean to enjoy the beach. Many lakes also have beaches. Check in your own state and see what is available. Continue reading

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