Self Care in the Spring

Winter can be a difficult season for people with mental health problems.

Depression and anxiety are often worse during winter months because you are stuck inside in bad weather and unable to do things that would help you feel better.

Now that spring is approaching, you can use the improving weather to take steps that will help improve your mental health.

Here are some ways you can improve your mental health this spring:

Spend More Time Outside

Sunshine (vitamin D) is a good way to help improve your mood and overall mental health. As the year moves into spring weather, the days will be longer and warmer. You can improve your mental health by taking advantage of the improving weather. Continue reading

Believe it or not, Spring is coming! Perhaps you can already see the changes in your neighborhood.

Some of us aren’t as lucky. However, all of us can start making our Spring plans now.

We can spend more time outside this Spring and experience life-changing rewards.

Healthy Sunshine

Go ahead: do nothing. Just sit outside and absorb the sunshine. Your body will create healthy vitamins to build immunity and improve mood.

So, if you feel as if sitting still is somehow lazy, just remind yourself that you are creating good physical health as well as a sense of calmness and peace for your day. Continue reading

Among the different outdoor activities you can engage in during the Spring, gardening is often at the top of the list.

There are so many benefits to gardening, from enjoying vitamin D and fresh air, to getting a good workout in and having fresh flowers or herbs at your disposal. Here are some tips for getting into gardening this Spring.

Benefits of Gardening

First of all, it helps to know why you should garden in the spring. There are actually many great benefits to this outdoor activity.

It provides good exercise, so if you aren’t into going to the gym or walking around the block, you can get good cardio and some strength straining with gardening right in your own backyard. Continue reading

As you begin looking for good exercises to participate in during the springtime, why not try yoga? There are many benefits to yoga year-round, but here are some specifically for this time of year.

You Can Do It Anywhere

One of the best things about yoga is that it is something you can do anywhere.

If you want to enjoy more of the spring sunshine, you can take your yoga practice outside to your backyard, deck or patio. Or, you can venture down to the local beach or park.

Many yoga groups get together in public settings for a daily practice, or you can enjoy the comfort of your home if that is what you prefer. Of course, there are also many different type of yoga classes as well. Continue reading

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