After the long cold winter kids tend to have a lot of pent up energy. That makes spring the perfect time to get them outdoors. Not only will they burn off some of that excess energy, but they can start to learn a bit about the natural world too.

So, to help you come up with ways to entertain your kids while introducing them to the outdoors this spring, here are 7 simple ideas.

1 – Visit a Farm

Why not take your kids on a trip to a farm, zoo or sanctuary? Each of these have their own particular merits. A zoo will give your children the chance to learn about an enormous range of animals from all over the world. Continue reading

Many parents want to help their children learn about the natural world, and about gardening in particular. Gardening can be a simple pleasure for some, but it is also a useful skill as it’s perfectly possible to grow your own fruit and vegetables which make a fresh and healthy alternative to shop-bought vegetables.

Although it might seem that getting kids to enjoy gardening is an impossible task, it needn’t be. There are lots of ways to encourage a child’s interest in the garden, and in particular the plants and insects that live in the garden. But the whole experience of gardening can be made fun and exciting with a little bit of thought. Here are a few ideas to help get you started: Continue reading

One place you probably don’t want to be during spring break is anywhere near Florida! That may be the place for college students, but it’s probably not the destination you would choose if you have a family.

However, if you’d still like to go to the beach for spring break, remember there are more beaches than merely those in Florida.

Ask a travel agent if they can suggest less crowded beaches that would be appropriate for families. You may be surprised at the number of lesser-known beaches your family can enjoy.

One beach you might want to visit is Galveston, Texas. You also may want to consider any beach north of Virginia Beach as college students prefer to congregate in specific areas. Continue reading

Children are naturally curious, so it really isn’t that hard to inspire their interest in something new. Of course, getting them to maintain that interest isn’t always as easy, but when it comes to nature there are a couple of advantages – it’s everywhere and there is so much variety to it!

If you want to inspire your child’s interest in nature this spring then start simply. Just take them out on a walk in a park or a nearby nature reserve, and let them lead the way. Giving them charge of things allows them to follow where their interests take them, so they can develop and interest in things more naturally. Continue reading

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