One of the best and easiest ways to enjoy the amazing healing benefits of essential oils is by diffusing them through the air of your home or office. Each oil has its own unique aromatherapy profile and organic makeup with varying strong points. But despite the differences, you can count on nearly every essential oil to cleanse and purify the air by effectively chasing away germs, fungi and bacteria. So if you’re breathing bad air, and most of us are, essential oils can help.

Some are more effective at purifying than others, but in general, germs do not care for the potent aroma of essential oils. So no matter which oil or blend of oils you choose to drop into your aromatherapy diffuser, you can feel good knowing that the air you breathe will be cleaner than when you started.

In addition to cleansing and purifying, essential oils are prized for their effectiveness as aromatherapy. Each aromatic plant has its own chemical makeup which affects the nervous system and senses in a unique way. Lavender is long-prized for its calming properties. When we breathe lavender, we experience the natural, mildly sedating effect of this healing herb. Rose and lemon produce mental clarity and enhance mood.

Tips for Choosing an Essential Oils Diffuser

As essential oils becoming increasingly popular, you can now find a variety of essential oils diffusers available for sale online. These are great for aromatherapy, as they fill the air with a clean, fresh scent which can change the mood of those who breathe it in. In addition to creating a sensory experience in this manner, the cool mist from the diffuser contains essential oils particles which work to cleanse and oxygenate the air.

Essential oils diffusers vary in price depending on a few factors:

  • Size of the water tank
  • Sophistication of the design
  • Additional functionality as a humidifier-and-diffuser in one
  • Auto shut-off, light, color change, and timer features
  • What it’s made of – wood, plastic, ceramic, other
  • Noise level – some are whisper quiet, while others emit a soft hum
How to Use an Essential Oils Diffuser

To use an essential oils diffuser, fill up to the max line with distilled water. The use of water that has been purified is important. Hard water can leave mineral deposits which, in time, can damage the machine and reduce functionality or even cause it to stop working.

Add no more than 8 drops of essential oil and plug in to begin dispensing the cool mist.

Cleaning Your Essential Oils Diffuser

From time to time, you will need to clean your essential oils diffuser parts, especially if you opt to fill yours with tap water which is generally not recommended.

Use a Tablespoon of baking soda and a teaspoon or so of vinegar to make a gentle, abrasive paste. Go over the inside surfaces of your diffuser with a small toothbrush or nail brush that has been dipped in the cleaning paste.

Rinse with warm water.

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