If you are interested in decluttering your home, whether this Spring or any time of the year, the first thing you will do is decide what to keep, or what to get rid of.

This is often the biggest decision to make, because naturally you have an attachment to most of your belongings in one way or another.

When you have difficulty letting go of items in your home, try the feeling test. Here is how it works.

This method was developed by Marie Kondo, who wrote the bestselling book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”.

This is simply our own little spin on it.

How the Feeling Test Works

What you are going to do is go through your home, pick up an item or touch it, and see what you feel. Does it bring you joy? Do you instantly remember a fond memory in your life? Or do you feel no attachment to it at all?

Sometimes it can take a few tries before you really get a sense for how you feel about that item. If it doesn’t provide any emotional feelings, bring up happy memories, or bring you joy, it is a sign that it is time to let go of that item.

Do this throughout your home as you are decluttering, especially with items you can’t decide whether to keep or get rid of. Don’t worry about cost or how long you have had something – rely on your feelings alone.

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