During the Spring, it is a great time not only to restart your healthy lifestyle, but to take advantage of the outdoors. Depending on where you live, the weather is likely starting to warm up during this time of year, which means you can take your workouts outdoors. Here are a few to try during the Spring:

Go Hiking

If you live in a colder climate, you probably spent most of winter being cooped up inside your home. This can really get to your after a while, not to mention lowering your vitamin D. The best thing to do is get outdoors for your workouts, such as going on a hike.

Try to plan at least one weekly hike where you explore local parks or trails, get in some good exercise, and maybe catch sight of flowers or birds while you are hiking. This is also a fun outdoor activity for getting friends and family involved.

Try Gardening

Something you can do outdoors but doesn’t require leaving your house is gardening. Start a small garden in your front or backyard with flowers, try planting some herbs, or maybe even try your hand at planting some simple fruits and vegetables.

Gardening has so many benefits aside from just exercise. It also encourages you to spend more time in your backyard, and gives you fresh herbs or produce if you decided to go that route. Plus, flowers are so pretty and fun to have in your yard, especially when you planted them yourself.

Clean Your Outdoor Space

Are you going to be spring cleaning? If so, add some outdoor projects to your list to get these areas cleaned out, and get more exercise at the same time. Cleaning can be therapeutic, so it is amazing for your self-care this spring.

Clean the trash on the side of your house, organize and adjust furniture and decorative items on your patio, or give
your porch a good cleaning.

Try Outdoor Family Time

You can also get the entire family involved in the outdoor workouts. This might mean taking your dog for a longer walk with the kids after dinner, or going for a family bike ride over the weekend.

Think of activities everyone can do together that get you and your kids outdoors more often, get in exercise, and enjoy family time while you do it. This really has so many benefits for you and your family.

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