Detoxing in the Spring isn’t just about your body and your health, but where you live as well. This is one of the reasons people like to do Spring Cleaning – it gives you a fresh start on your home, with a clean slate, and organized life. Keep reading for some different ideas on cleaning and detoxing your home.

Welcome in the Fresh Air

The first way to help detox your home is by airing it out. Open all of the windows to let in as much fresh air as you can. It will begin circulating throughout your home, helping it to be less stuffy, and feel clean and refreshed.

This also improves the smell inside your home, especially if you have been using the heater all winter long.

Another way to get cleaner air in your home in the spring is to change or replace air filters in your HVAC system and mobile units. Some of them will have air filters you wash, while others are disposable and need to be replaced.

This includes in your heating and air conditioning unit, and portable units like fans, portable air conditioners, and dehumidifiers.

Bring in Fresh Flowers and Plants

Spring is the perfect time to start bringing in the outdoors. They also serve multiple purposes: they will make it beautiful, really get you into the spring spirit, smell great, and can help clean the air in your home.

Some good plants and flowers for spring include lilies, daffodils, bergenia, primrose, and viola. Though there are many different varieties if you check your local nursery.

Declutter Your Home

With spring cleaning happening this time of year, you might want to start by decluttering your home. This is going to make it much easier when you get to actually deep cleaning your home.

Decluttering isn’t just cleaning up messes and putting things away, but deciding on items you might not want or need anymore. Go through each room of your home and decide what to keep, what to throw away, and what to donate or give away.

Try Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is the next logical step, where you go beyond just cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming floors, and dusting furniture. Deep cleaning often includes washing the baseboard and trim, washing curtains and blinds, washing windows, and cleaning rooms that don’t get much attention, like the basement or garage.

It is important to deep clean these areas at least once a year, though more might be needed.

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