Don’t forget your home office or desk! Whether you have a designated work space in the living room or bedroom, or an actual office, you need to get it decluttered before you can organize it.

First, here are some reasons to declutter this area of your home:

It Increases Productivity

First of all, if you do any sort of work at home, whether for your main employment, a side job, or school, it can increase your productivity when you have a clean and organized space. Start decluttering and organizing, and you will be amazed by how easier it is to focus, and how much more you can get done.

You Will Be Able to Organize Files

Filing your paperwork is essential, whether you use the work space for your job, or handling household activities. You need to file everything from payroll stubs and receipts for filing your taxes, to paid invoices for both personal and professional purposes. When you declutter and clean your home office, it makes it easier to file things as needed, instead of having stacks of papers on your desk that make it impossible to find anything.

You Often Find Items You Were Missing

Have you been looking for a receipt, paper, or small desk item and can’t find it anywhere? The clutter is probably hiding it somewhere. Cleaning up the space helps discover items you haven’t seen in a while and find a better place for them.

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