Among the different outdoor activities you can engage in during the Spring, gardening is often at the top of the list.

There are so many benefits to gardening, from enjoying vitamin D and fresh air, to getting a good workout in and having fresh flowers or herbs at your disposal. Here are some tips for getting into gardening this Spring.

Benefits of Gardening

First of all, it helps to know why you should garden in the spring. There are actually many great benefits to this outdoor activity.

It provides good exercise, so if you aren’t into going to the gym or walking around the block, you can get good cardio and some strength straining with gardening right in your own backyard.

This is also going to help you get more vitamin D, which is essential for natural energy. Additional benefits include improving your mood and having fresh flowers or herbs, depending on what form of gardening you decide to go with.

Clean the Space First

If this will be your first time gardening, or you are working on the garden from last year, the first thing you want to do is prepare the space. This includes choosing an area in your yard with good soil and proper sunlight.

Clear out the space, whether that means pulling up last year’s crops or removing any lawn you might have there. You will need to level out the ground and might need to add in fertilizer if you don’t have good soil.

Try New Spring Flowers and Plants

For a spring garden, you have the choice between flowers, herbs or a vegetable garden. If you are new to gardening, starting with flowers can be ideal. There are many different types of flowers that will be good for the springtime, many of which you are probably already familiar with.

Pansies, lilacs, and tulips are really popular in the spring, but don’t forget about options like snapdragons or gerbera daisies.

Your Spring Vegetable Garden

Another type of garden you can start in the spring is a vegetable garden. While it can be intimidating growing food for the first time, it is a lot easier than you might think. In fact, there are some vegetables that are beginner-friendly and perfect for you even if this is your very first time.

Whenever you buy seeds to be planted, they will come with instructions about planting and taking care of the vegetable, so there is much less confusion. Some vegetables that are good in the spring include lettuce, arugula, tomatoes, and peas.

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