Are you already tired and overwhelmed from decluttering your home? You don’t have to do it alone! Find out why and how to get your older kids involved in the process.

Have your kids moved out? If you have adult children who have moved out, it might be time to have them pick up their stuff, or move it into storage. This is a good time to ask them to return home and go through their belongings. Perhaps they have stuff sitting in the garage, basement, or a spare room, and you need to declutter.

Is your garage full of baby stuff? Another common thing that happens is that when your kids get older, you still hold onto a lot of their baby stuff. This is of course very sentimental, but if you don’t have room for everything, you may need to reduce it to just a few things. Keep a few of their clothes and baby books, but start getting rid of the 10 boxes you have full of baby toys. Other families might be able to use them.

Can your kids help with their own room? Even if your kids are a little younger and still live at home, they can help with their own room. Start with just one bag per room – give each kid a large black trash bag and ask them to fill it up with clothing or toys they are willing to part with. This can make a big difference and makes it a lot easier on you.

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