Moving on to another area of your home for decluttering is your cabinets. This includes cabinets in your kitchen and your bathroom. It might seem like they aren’t a problem because the doors are closed and you don’t see it often, but having a mess in the cabinets can cause a lot of stress sand frustration.

Here are some tips for going through the cabinets:

Empty Out the Cabinets First

As with the junk drawer, it is best to just empty out these disorderly cabinets, separating the items into piles and categories as you go. A lot of times, there are items hidden in the back that you don’t need and can be given away or just thrown out, saving a lot more space for proper organization in the future.

Consider Cabinet Organizers

There are also quite a few organizers that you can put in these cabinets to help you keep things from becoming cluttered again. This might be as simple as bins or baskets you pull out, or installing drawers that can easily be pulled out. Also consider things like turntables, especially for medicine and spices that become hard to find.

Dispose of Old Medicine

As you start cleaning out your cabinets, don’t forget about things that have expired. Especially with medication, both prescription and OTC, it is best to look at all the dates. Your local pharmacy will take the expired prescription medications and dispose of them properly.

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