Children are naturally curious, so it really isn’t that hard to inspire their interest in something new. Of course, getting them to maintain that interest isn’t always as easy, but when it comes to nature there are a couple of advantages – it’s everywhere and there is so much variety to it!

If you want to inspire your child’s interest in nature this spring then start simply. Just take them out on a walk in a park or a nearby nature reserve, and let them lead the way. Giving them charge of things allows them to follow where their interests take them, so they can develop and interest in things more naturally.

Once you’re out and about, encourage them to take an interest. Ask them questions without a definite answer, like how many types of leaf can you see? That way they don’t have to worry about being wrong, and can just enjoy exploring.

Spring has a lot of great advantages all its own when it comes to getting kids interested in nature. Spring is the time when everything is new and at its most colorful and cute. Kids love baby animals, so take them to see some new-born lambs. These are sure to grab their attention and stay in their minds for days or weeks to come.

You can also take them to see bright and colorful blossoms and spring flowers. The more colorful something is, the more interested kids tend to be. So take full advantage of this and show your kids the best that spring has to offer.

You can even grow your own spring plants at home to get them more excited. Daffodils are a great choice because they’re easy to grow and are a beautiful golden yellow color when they flower.

As kids learn best of all in a hands-on fashion, don’t forget to appeal to all their senses if you’re trying to get them interested in things. Sheep’s wool is soft and fluffy, moss is spongy, a tree’s bark is rough, flowers are colorful and smell good and birds make surprising noises and look pretty. Encourage them to take a closer look and enjoy the unique features of each thing they discover.

If you’re out on a walk together it’s also a great idea to take a notepad and camera with you. That way you and your kids can make notes of things you particularly like or have questions about, and take pictures of things you find pretty or interesting. Later, this material can be used to make scrap books and you can look up the answers to your questions.

In all of these ways it’s possible to encourage your child’s interest in nature this spring. And, there are many more ways besides. Just keep an open mind and remember to listen to what your children have to say too. Often they’re as good as you as coming up with ideas for how to get them interested in nature – they just don’t realize they’re doing it!

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