One place you probably don’t want to be during spring break is anywhere near Florida! That may be the place for college students, but it’s probably not the destination you would choose if you have a family.

However, if you’d still like to go to the beach for spring break, remember there are more beaches than merely those in Florida.

Ask a travel agent if they can suggest less crowded beaches that would be appropriate for families. You may be surprised at the number of lesser-known beaches your family can enjoy.

One beach you might want to visit is Galveston, Texas. You also may want to consider any beach north of Virginia Beach as college students prefer to congregate in specific areas.

It’s not necessary to travel to an ocean to enjoy the beach. Many lakes also have beaches. Check in your own state and see what is available.

Instead of choosing the traditional trip to the beach, try one of these spring break travel ideas for families:

Many parents enjoy taking their families to amusement or theme parks for spring break vacation. If you have small, school-age children, you may want to visit Disney World. Six Flags or Universal Studios are good choices for families with preteens and teenagers.

Of course, there’s also Dollywood in Tennessee for families who appreciate entertainment and concerts or even Branson, Missouri.

Every state has at least one zoo your family could visit. If you’re not aware of the zoos in your state, head over to

They list every zoo in the country. If you live outside of the United States, look on the internet for the zoo nearest you.

Another option similar to the zoo your family might enjoy is going to an aquarium. There are several of them around the country to choose from. While at the aquarium, you and your family can see a large variety of fish and aquatic life you may not get to see otherwise.

Take a trip to the visitor’s bureau in your town. They will likely have brochures for museums or attractions in your own state or those nearby. Many museums have hands-on exhibits for young children, so you may want to check a few of those out.

There’s no reason you can’t explore your own state for spring break. Visit the National Parks in your area. You can learn about the state you live in as well enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

Some National Parks offer nature trails and other attractions. There are also overnight accommodations at many parks, so you can enjoy time away from home.

Many people want spring break travel ideas for families which will be enjoyable but not break their budget. Your family can have a lot of fun exploring attractions a little closer to home and still travel.

Think of the activities your family enjoys and then find places you can visit which will meet those interests, whether they’re far away or nearby.

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