Each year millions of people spring clean their homes. They go through their belongings and purge what is no longer needed. Have you thought about using these spring cleaning tips for your body? Detoxing your body can give you a new lease on life which you may desire at the beginning of spring.

The typical standard American diet (SAD) leaves your body with improper digestion, decreased energy, clogged sinuses, foggy mind and poor sleep habits. Detoxing is believed to improve each of these as well as strengthen your body’s reaction to viruses, reduce allergy symptoms and achieve hormonal balances. You may also experience fewer mood swings, clearer skin and more. Follow these tips if you’d like to try a spring cleaning for your body.

  • Change your diet from SAD to glad. Begin by eliminating junk foods such as those which are fried, sugary, processed, prepared and packaged. These can be full of food additives, trans fats and sugar the body doesn’t need.
  • Read the labels. If you can’t pronounce the ingredients, you’d be better off leaving it on the shelf. Instead of foods with chemical compounds for ingredients, choose fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Increase how much pure water you drink daily to between eight and ten cups. Water will help flush toxins out of your body. Add the freshly squeezed juice of a lemon to the water your drink first thing in the morning. This will alkalize your body chemistry. Lemon may also aid in cleansing your kidneys, colon and liver.
  • During your detox, try to eliminate dairy and meat products. Meat causes the body to produce acids which strain the kidneys and intestines. Milk can form mucus. By eliminating or at least cutting back on these foods, your body will have a much-needed break.
  • Eat mostly vegetables. In fact, our meals should consist of at least 70% vegetables. You can reach this amount by having a large salad, steamed vegetables or fresh vegetable juice. Roasted or stir-fried vegetables are also an option.
  • Plan small meals throughout the day rather than three large meals. Ideally you’ll want to have six small meals which can help stabilize your blood sugar levels. It may also allow your body to digest food properly because the digestive system isn’t being taxed with heavy meals.
  • Alcohol, nicotine and caffeine are also on the no-no list while you’re detoxing. It is highly possible that skipping these items while going through the detox will help you quit them altogether.
  • Get plenty of exercise. It is believed a combination of cardiovascular and strength training will remove toxins from your lymph system because your body will sweat. The exercises will also benefit your mind.

Begin using these spring cleaning tips for your body when you’re ready to detox. You can also learn more about detoxification by talking with your physician and reading books. Tell your doctor about your desire to do a detox so they can monitor you and ensure you’re not harming yourself.

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