As we continue talking about decluttering your home in the Springtime, let’s talk about what you choose to save now, and after the decluttering and cleaning is done with. It is important that you not save absolutely everything, and we’re going to talk about why.

Do You REALLY Need That?

The first thing to ask yourself is if you need it. Do you have a bunch of old greeting cards you are saving? Do they serve a purpose? Unless you were planning to do something with them, it might not be worth storing them in your home for the rest of your life.

As you move through your house, think about the purpose of older items that aren’t practical, but you keep for memories or sentimental value.

Some items might be better in a storage unit or moved into an organized space in the garage, while others could probably be thrown out or given away.

How Long Have You Had it?

If you have been holding onto something for a long time, but you find it and not only forgot you had it, but know you won’t look at it for another 20 years, is that really something you want to keep?

If you stop saving absolutely everything, you won’t keep running into problems with clutter in your home. Now is the time to look at things you own or keep, big and small, and make some decisions.

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