This is one area of the home most people tend to have the most problems. It might be a small drawer or a junk area in your kitchen, but it needs to be tackled, decluttered, and organized to keep it from stressing you out all year-long.

Remove Everything from the Drawer

The easiest way to tackle that junk drawer is to take everything out from it. Just start pulling items out and either put them all in a pile on your counter, or put them in separate piles as you remove the items. You need a clean slate in order to organize the drawer a little better.

Put it All into Piles

When you are choosing what piles to put the junk drawer items in, consider what the item is, if you need it or it can be thrown away, and if there is another place in your home it would fit.

For example, you might have stuck some small tools in the junk drawer that could easily go in the garage or a tool drawer in your kitchen.

If you have items like old mail in the drawer, shred it and throw it away, or file it if it is important.

Many items will be thrown away, while others might just be moved to another location.

Get a Better Organization System

When it is time to put the items back in, figure out a better way to organize it. Get a drawer organizer specifically for junk drawers, as it has compartments for things like keys, sticky notes, scissors, paper clips, pens, and many other items. If you are putting something away and it doesn’t fit in a compartment, don’t put it in the junk drawer! This will help keep it clean and organized.

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