Eating seasonally is the act of consuming fruits and vegetables that are harvested during the same time of year as consumption.

For example, eating citrus during the winter and asparagus during the spring. Experts are notorious for recommending a diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season because of the many benefits associated with it.

Since the start of mass agriculture, buying produce year-round is easy and convenient. Unfortunately, this disrupts the quality of the produce, the environment, and the local economy.

This is why eating seasonally is important and should be practiced as much as possible. Your body will thank you, too.

Here are a few reasons why eating seasonally year-round is important:

  • Higher nutrients and better flavor– Produce that is consumed in season are higher in nutritional value because they were harvested closer to the time of consumption. Foods that are out of season typically need to be transported from long distances. Which affects the nutrient value and flavor of the food because the time between it being harvested and getting to the plate is a lot longer.
  • Fewer pesticides – Seasonal fruits and vegetables are typically organic meaning they are sprayed with fewer pesticides; if any at all.
  • Environmental friendly – When eating seasonally, it’s best to buy produce from your local farmers market. As more produce is consumed seasonally, the demand for out of season produce This is more environmentally friendly because of less travel time between you and the store. Less shipping time also mean betters flavor and higher nutrient content.
  • Reconnect with nature – Our bodies were meant to eat different foods as the season changes. During the fall and winter, we crave comfort food to gain more weight and to keep us warm. While in spring, we crave greens that are low in calories, to help us detox and lose the weight gained during winter. Finally, in summer we eat cool and refreshing produce to keep us cool and hydrated.

Eating seasonally also provides variety and excitement to your diet. It even supports your local economy because it is best to buy in-season produce from your local farmers market.

As you continue to eat foods that are in season, you will notice plenty of health benefits as well – such as clearer skin, a healthier weight, and more energy. That is because fruits and vegetables offer lots of nutrition and are typically lower in calories.

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