As you begin decluttering your home and choosing what to keep, move, donate, or throw away, you may become overwhelmed with how much there is to do.

But don’t worry – you don’t need to do the entire house in one day!

A better option is to work with just one space or room at a time. Get that room completely done and decluttered before moving onto the next.

Perhaps you work on one room each day, each week, or whenever you get the opportunity.

Decluttering is Not Done in One Day

The first thing to keep in mind when you are decluttering your home, is that nobody expects you to get it done in one day. If you have a small amount of clutter, this might be possible, but it is more realistic to spread it out over days or even weeks.

Perhaps you have a long weekend where you and your family members each work on a section of the home, or you work on one area every day until it is done. Take your time and you will notice it is much easier to do without becoming overwhelmed and frustrated with the process.

Leave the Hardest Area for Last

It is also recommended that you leave the worst or largest area for last. This is often the biggest room, or the room with the most clutter. If you are tackling the garage, this is likely the area that is going to take the longest, but it might also be a den or bonus room that has turned into storage, or your kitchen cabinets that have become chaotic.

Go one day at a time, and soon you will have a stress-free, decluttered home.

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