We have been talking about decluttering your home in the Spring to help get ready for Spring cleaning, and just having a fresh start with less “stuff” lying around.

Another tip for decluttering your home is to check the areas you don’t spend a lot of time in. These are often forgotten because you don’t see them often, so you don’t realize how cluttered they can get. By cleaning them, you have more storage for other items you want to keep but need a place for.

Here is an idea of some areas, spaces, or rooms where you probably don’t’ spend a lot of time, but can often get cluttered and disorganized:

The Basement

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Don’t forget your home office or desk! Whether you have a designated work space in the living room or bedroom, or an actual office, you need to get it decluttered before you can organize it.

First, here are some reasons to declutter this area of your home:

It Increases Productivity

First of all, if you do any sort of work at home, whether for your main employment, a side job, or school, it can increase your productivity when you have a clean and organized space. Start decluttering and organizing, and you will be amazed by how easier it is to focus, and how much more you can get done. Continue reading

Are you already tired and overwhelmed from decluttering your home? You don’t have to do it alone! Find out why and how to get your older kids involved in the process.

Have your kids moved out? If you have adult children who have moved out, it might be time to have them pick up their stuff, or move it into storage. This is a good time to ask them to return home and go through their belongings. Perhaps they have stuff sitting in the garage, basement, or a spare room, and you need to declutter.

Is your garage full of baby stuff? Another common thing that happens is that when your kids get older, you still hold onto a lot of their baby stuff. This is of course very sentimental, but if you don’t have room for everything, you may need to reduce it to just a few things. Keep a few of their clothes and baby books, but start getting rid of the 10 boxes you have full of baby toys. Other families might be able to use them. Continue reading

Now that you have begun decluttering your home, let’s not forget about what to do after you are finished. It is very easy to go back to old habits, as you get busy living your life. However, it is essential that you commit to a lifestyle of decluttering and not keeping everything you buy or are gifted.

Start with a Clean Slate

Starting with decluttering and spring cleaning now allows you to have a clean slate. From this point on, you can then focus on keeping up with maintaining a clutter-free space.

Get the Family Involved

Don’t forget to have everyone in your home also commit to the clutter-free life. If you notice a kids’ bedroom or your significant other’s bathroom getting a little chaotic, remind them that you are working on minimalism for the health and happiness of the entire family. Continue reading

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