When holidays roll around while on a new diet, it can be a little complicated. However, there are a lot of amazing recipes you can use when it is Cinco de Mayo. While you might not want to have those nachos and margarita, you can still celebrate this holiday with the following tasty dishes.

Chicken or Steak Fajitas

The great thing about Paleo is that you can make just a few adjustments and still enjoy many of your favorite meals. One of the more popular Mexican food options is fajitas, whether you choose chicken, steak, or even veggie fajitas. These typically involve your main protein source, plus grilled veggies like bell peppers and onions. Continue reading

One of the things that Paleo provides you is a list of diverse, healthy, and delicious ingredients to incorporate into your meals. It also encourages you to cook more, even for breakfast. Instead of grabbing a donut or a Pop-Tart on your way out the door, you will be making breakfasts in the morning and truly enjoying your food. Here are some Paleo breakfasts to try out in the spring.

Paleo-Approved Pancakes

Yes, you can still have pancakes on the Paleo diet! You will just be changing a few ingredients. Pancakes are so fun to make during the spring, whether you are enjoying Spring Break with the kids, or you decide to treat them on Easter morning. Continue reading

The Paleo diet allows you to eat tons of delicious items, but when spring comes, you might want to try something new. This is the perfect time to explore different produce that is in season and experiment with new recipes. Here are some Paleo lunches to refresh your taste buds this spring:

Asparagus Soup

What you will find when you look up Paleo recipes for the spring season are a lot that use asparagus. This is of course because asparagus is in season during the spring! It is low in fat and calories, super nutritious, and has a flavor that is flexible and forgiving, so you can add it to just about anything and it will taste great. Continue reading

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